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The winner of Investor-DM 2021!

Congratulations for being the most successful investor in Denmark and the winner of Investor-DM 2021!

What was your winning recipe?

Since the competition is based on the participants putting most of their eggs in one basket, the main winning recipe is betting on payoff from high volatility. 

Which asset classes did you trade the most in the competition?

I mostly traded highly geared instruments of Natural Gas, as current matters have had affected the price. Following a large gain on these instruments I traded mostly low-volatility index funds.

What were your expectations for this year’s competition?

I actually thought there would be higher participation, as I feel the interest for amateur trading has gained traction.

What experience do you have of trading?

I’ve traded since turning 18, but only hobby trading without large sums invested. Besides, I am studying for a master’s degree in Economics.

What are your three best learnings from this year’s competition?

To be honest, the highly volatile, bet-like investments that you make in such a competition is not something I’d hope to learn much from. If there is something to learn, it is:
1. One can have huge winnings betting on the winning team.
2. Don’t get cocky with real money on highly geared instruments.
3. Diversify more than a four-split of your means. 

What tips do you have for succeeding in trading?

Honestly, I’d refer to the three learnings above. Do not think, you’re riding high, because you struck an ore. Pride comes before the fall.

Do you have a role model when it comes to trading?
I mean, Warren Buffet did a good job in diversifying a portfolio. 

What was the most fun part about participating in Investor-DM 2021?
The thrill of winning a bet.

Why should you participate in Investor-DM?

It serves as a perfectly good thrill all the way throughout. Until the competition has been made less of a competition of finding the most volatile instruments made available, and more of a competition in finding steady sustainable growth through investment, I would recommend participating only as a betting game. 

Congratulations to the winner of Investor-DM 2021!

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Winner of Investor-DM 2024!

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